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My dear friends,

Natalia and I are in northeastern Brazil, in the capital of Maranhão in São Luís visiting listeners of radio HCJB in Quito, Ecuador Marumby Curitiba and Trans World Radio from São Paulo.

God used the radio and now followed by literature and by local stations. You can't imagine how important it is to have your help in this Ministry, which fights and advances the Kingdom throughout the world.

Thank you for your love.

Mario and Natalia Hort

"I can testify that indeed, I am one (1) child in faith, fruit of uplifting outreach work that the Lord has been performing since the transmissions of the editions of the Christians Broadcasting Hope broadcast on the Shortwave radio station HCJB, reporting from Quito, the Andes mountain range, in Ecuador, South America.

There were many nights listening to HCJB programming, especially of its biblical messages, your advice, the words of the Pastor Isaí Hort, and the hymns of the Set echoes of Freedom.” -José Carlo of Marsh, MA.

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