If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then it might be said that seeing is worth 1,000 pictures. But more than just seeing - the power of a full sensory, first-hand experience cannot be over estimated in its ability to create lasting impressions on ones ethos for a global understanding of ministry.


That’s what our expeditions are all about. 

Journey to the Holy Land: Israel and Jordan

Dates: January 4-16, 2023

Prices starting at $4598


The Holy Land. It is a tiny plot of earth that has been the hinge of history and more. It is a tiny plot of land upon which Jesus, the very Word of God, became flesh. The world still echoes with the sound of His voice. The Holy Land still carries the sense of His presence. Be sure to pack your Bible. You will see the stories come to life. 

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On Expedition: Haiti

Dates: TBD

$600.00 plus airfare

Haiti has many needs, but none more than Hope. Travel with us as we see a different side of Haiti than the headlines will tell you. Worship among Church of God congregations, alive and vibrant in the local villages. Step into the Haitian Creole studio and hear the sound of Hope, broadcast through the airwaves; meet the local team that helps makes it happen. 


From medical clinics, to radio broadcasts, you will experience first-hand the Church furthering the Kingdom, all in the name of Jesus. 


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