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Brazil: Moving Forward

Hello friends!

It’s amazing how God is using CBH-Portuguese throughout Brazil: Last week we received the invitation to transmit the program in the State of Maranhão, 4,000 km of Curitiba. A doctor will pay the broadcasting time, and the broadcast will be on air daily, in northern of Brazil. Today we had a visit from a man named Moses, who found three booklets in the trash, and came here to get some more. He took 1600 booklets to be our distributor of messages.

We already have prepared 4,000 booklets to send by transporter. And a few days ago we sent 8,000 booklets for a pastor who gives five booklets for each House visited the edge of rivers in the Amazon.

The politic in Brazil is in a dark moment, the gospel of Jesus is in pain, but the light of Jesus shines more than never from radio and literature ministry. Praise the Lord. We hope to see the beginning of a new time for the next generation.

God bless you,

Mario Hort

CBH-Portuguese Host

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