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Seeker's Conference 2014

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

The family of Orissa Church of God Association, Cuttack, greets youi in the most precious and matchless name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. We thank God for your prayer, love and concern in helping us financially to conduct the Seeker's Conference every year. This year, it was held November 4-6, 2014, at the Shelter.

seekers 2014.jpg

The theme was "Jesus is the only Saviour." As all our seekers come from other faiths, we give them opportunities to express their doubts and realize that we are all sinners and need to know the true God, who can give us salvation. At this conference, all the seekers accepted Jesus as their Saviour and Lord! All of them have taken an oath that they will live for Jesus, who has washed away all their sins by his precious blood, and now they are ready to face all trials and problems which will come to them and stand as witness for Jesus in their family.

This is a unique conference. The speakers, pastors, and evangelists have expressed their deep desire to have a follow-up program very soon. Please uphold all the new believers in your prayers that the Lord will guide them and give them courage to face the fiery trials and stand firm fo rJesus. We are praying for tyhe radio ministry going on in different parts of the world!

With love and regards,


Binoy Dey

Producer Radio Programme (CBH)

Orissa Church of God Association, Cuttack


Ranjit Panda

Outreach Coordinator (CBH)

Orissa Church of God Association, Cuttack

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