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The Pearl of Africa

We've been in Uganda less than 24 hours, definitely not the lifetime it would take to fully understand the whole picture, but in this minuscule window of time, it's evident how Uganda got its nickname.

Lush green hills accented by rich red clay and brimming with fruit trees rise above sparkling Lake Victoria. Fishermen dot the lake, cutting through the crystal waters in boats hauling Nile perch and tilapia.

A short drive through town and you feel it in the air- industry. Everywhere, people are


moving. Men crush rocks to make bricks, they maneuver trucks filled to bursting with bright yellow bananas and fresh green lettuce through beehive intersections void of traffic signs. Motorcycle taxis with just inches to weave in between two cars zoom by in a blur, gone in a moments time. Some gather plastic bottles along the street for recycling, everyone constantly walking, somewhere to be, places to go, a job to be done.


Nevertheless, despite the rush, this place is rich in social networks. I'm not talking Facebook, Instagram.. Real relationships based on true people to people connections. They have time to sit and spend two hours at a meal talking together. They revel in teasing each other and connecting. They know how to make a stranger welcome- not feel welcome, but truly be welcome.

We have much to learn.

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