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Kenya 2015... Ladies & Gentlemen, Welcome to Nairobi!

From the window of the 747, we watched the Kenyan sun sink below the earth's gentle curve. Such a sunset I've never seen. Before its last ray disappeared in azure darkness, oranges, reds and yellows stretched their flaming fingers across the entire expanse of the horizon. It seemed as if God saved His best artwork for this place; His mighty signature over a land bursting with creation.

We stepped from the plane, engines, once roaring, now filled the night with a slowing purr. Two colorful birds danced in the sky above, twisting and twirling on their celestial stage, all the while singing 100 notes I've never heard. We moved toward the airport and a greeter smilled, her eyes sparkling like crystals.

"Welcome to Nairobi," she said.

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