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Thank you for your prayers

It has been an exciting year so far for us here at CBH. Many wonderful things happening but no more encouraging that our new, emerging Creole broadcast from Haiti. I spent time in Haiti during January meeting with our Creole team and recording the first batch of 7 programs for this new effort that we hope to have online in the very near future. Keep the Haitians in your prayers…life is not easy there…but their tireless commitment to the Gospel is very inspiring indeed.

As always…thank you for your thoughtful support of us each day. We count on that as do those who contact us seeking our encouragement and prayers. We deal in the commodity of Hope…Hope in the one true Living God. Never has there been a day where Hope is needed by more people in more places than today!

You are a Blessing,

John Walters

Pastor Jean Marie recording for Gras Plis Gras (CBH-Haitian Creole

Pastor Jean Marie recording Gras Plis Gras (CBH-Haitian Creole)

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