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MAY 6 - 19, 2024               STARTING AT $5498




You will explore the many wonders of ancient Rome as you visit the magnificent Pantheon. Stop at the famous Trevi Fountain. From the most sacred hill of ancient Rome, Campidoglio, view the Forum.   Explore the romance of Rome as you climb the graceful Spanish Steps. Visit the Mamertine Prison where Romans kept their high-profile prisoners until they died or were executed. It is revered as the place Peter was held before his crucifixion. The Vatican, home to St. Peter’s Square and Basilica.   Step beneath the surface into the Catacombs of Callixtus, built along the Appian Way.  And finally, the Colosseum, where so much history has occurred. 




The roles of the Swiss reformers, most notably John Calvin and Ulrich Zwingli, cannot be overstated in their impact on a Reformation.  Along with Martin Luther, the three represent major branches of this emerging movement.  Geneva was a primary location for growing expressions of Protestantism.  Nestled along the grand Lake Geneva in the shadow of the Swiss Alps, Geneva produced major additions such as the Geneva Bible and the Geneva Psalter. As the first and most influential music to be composed specifically by and for Reformed Christians, the tunes of the Geneva Psalter represent a significant element of the heritage for all Christians.

Aerial view of Geneva from Cathedral Saint Pierre, Switzerland_.jpg
Beautiful view of Neuschwanstein castle in the Bavarian Alps, Germany..jpg



Strasbourg (currently in France and formerly in Germany), Heidelberg, Erfurt, Fritzlar, Mainz, and many other cities are all on our route as we travel through the countryside and cities of Germany.  This is the bedrock land of the German Reformation.  These streets, these cities, this countryside, was soil that birthed movements that reshaped the face of Christianity, forever.  The magnificent spires of churches that dot the landscape all stand as witnesses to the Reformation that played out here.  You will see it all!

The Rhine River


You will visit the Gutenberg Museum, dedicated to Johann Gutenberg.  Gutenberg’s invention of the movable type allowed for the mass production of Bibles and allowed commoners to have the same access to Scripture as the clerical hierarchy.  A major point of contention between Rome and the Reformers.   Pondering all these things as you cruise the magical Rhine River past medieval castles will provide the perfect time to think on everything you have experienced.  

Aerial panoramic view of beautiful old town Stein am Rhein in Switzerland border with Germ
famous martin luther statue (1821) at the marketplace in Wittenberg - Germany.jpg

Reformation Sites

Matin Luther is perhaps one of the most influential figures of the faith since the Apostle Paul.  You will visit Eisleben, where Luther‘s life both began and ended and where he was baptized at St. Petri (St. Peter & St. Paul’s Church).  This charming little town includes the Luther Family Home as well as the house Luther was visiting at the time of his death. Walk the medieval cobblestone streets past St. Andrew’s Church, where Luther preached his last sermon. Wander the town of Wittenberg, where Luther lived and taught for 36 years. You will see where he posted his 95 Theses on the castle church door, giving voice to the Reformation. Reflect as you visit Schlosskirche, where Luther was buried, and explore Luther Halle, a former monastery where Martin lived with his family.  These will be unforgettable days!

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